Foreign Ministry's Statement on the signing of the Geneva Agreement between the “six” mediator countries and Iran on Iran's nuclear program

Kazakhstan welcomes the signing on November 24 in Geneva of the Agreement between the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) and the “six” mediator countries on Iran's nuclear program. Implementation of the agreement will make an important contribution to strengthening the nuclear non-proliferation regime as well as regional and international security. Kazakhstan has a strong interest in the settling of the situation around Iran’s nuclear program and hopes that the sides will be able to reach overall agreement on a final and comprehensive solution to the problem.

Kazakhstan is firmly committed to the non-proliferation regime and, as a country that voluntarily renounced nuclear weapons, has always supported a political and diplomatic solution to the issue of Iran’s nuclear program. President N.Nazarbayev’s initiative to offer Kazakhstan as the location for holding two rounds of talks in Almaty (February 25-26 and April 5-6, 2013) was aimed at contributing to building an atmosphere of trust between Iran and the group of international negotiators as well as giving positive impetus to the negotiations.

Kazakhstan hopes that the sides will observe their obligations under the Agreement, and that this will further strengthen mutual trust and understanding as well as normalize relations between the sides. Kazakhstan is ready to provide further assistance required for the successful completion of the negotiations.

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