II Baikonur Investment forum 13-14th November 2013 year


On 13-14th of November in 2013 year in Kyzyl-Orda and Baikonur will be held, the II "Baikonur" Investment Forum.

           The Goal of the Forum - the establishment of a mutually beneficial partnership of foreign and domestic investors with companies in the industrial, touristic and agricultural sectors of the region, improvement of the investment climate, and development of financial infrastructure.


Akimat of Kyzylorda region with the support of JSC "National Agency for Export and Investment" KAZNEX INVEST ".

Representatives of business community, banking sector, government agencies, development institutions, national companies, research institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries are invited to participate in the Forum.

The topics the program forum sections:

"Prospects for the development of metallurgical cluster"

"The development Baikonur city " with a visit of the Baikonur complex

"Transit potentials of the region - opportunities for development"

"Rice breeding and beef cattle - the basis of the agro-industrial complex of the region.

Some information about the economy of the region

         The basis of economy of the region is the oil and gas sector.

Manufacturing industry is gaining momentum. Gas turbine power plant in Akshabulak with the capacity of 87 megawatts was built. In the near future will begin the construction of glass factory on the basis of high-quality silica sand deposits.

The construction of cement and plants are planned. The development of modern nuclear industry is being planned. By 2015 year, the region will produce about half of the whole Kazakhstans uranium.    

Work on metallurgical cluster is begun on the southern part of the region. After all, the depths of this ancient land contain almost the whole Mendeleev’s periodic table. The deposits of vanadium are in the five of the largest in the world.

According to experts, the region will be able to supply up to 10% of the global demand for this item.

There are also reserves of copper and zinc, gold and molybdenum, zirconium and titanium. Ore of cadmium, germanium, silver, selenium, iron, phosphate and zirconium-titanium are found. A lead-zinc deposit Shalkiya is one of the largest in the country.

           All of these are the "gold reserves", which will ensure the prosperity of the region in the future.


Today, Kyzylorda region is the leading rice-growing region of the country, which produces up to 90% of the Kazakhstans famous rice variety, Marzhan. This valuable cereal crop was cultivated and used here since ancient times.

Animal husbandry is developing. Not so long ago, was created one of the largest in the south of Kazakhstan dairy - commodity farm that supplies milk to the population, and it is planned to get access to foreign markets in the near future.

And of course, the business card of the region - Baikonur, known to billions of people on the planet. The land, which the genius of man has begun a daring assault on outer space.

Space launches are always a spectacle that millions of people want to see! In 2017, the city and the spaceport, will visit guests of World Expo 2017.

In this regard, in Baikonur starts working to create a tourist complex.

Realization of plans for the industrial and innovative development of the city - a unique business opportunity to become involved in the history of Baikonur.

The region has a significant transit potential. The region takes the longest part of the highway "Western Europe - Western China". Over 800 km! There begins works on creating road infrastructure.

Railway line Zhezkazgan - Saksaulsk - Beineu will lead out Kyzyl-Orda to all directions of country.

Many airlines pass through the air space of the region. The airport of Kyzylorda already has the ability to accept larger aircraft, and this year will begin construction of a modern terminal of international class.


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